The Overview of WildStar Online

WildStar online overview

Legend tells of the mysterious Planet Nexus. Once inhabited by the hyper advanced Elden who disappeared from the galaxy long ago. Where is this lost world? What mysteries and wonders will be found there? And does it conceal ancient technologies and forbidden magic of awesome, unimaginable power?

Guess what? You’re gonna find out cupcake! Nexus has just been discovered and things are about to get real. Welcome to Wildstar. When someone finds the most legendary planet in the universe you can be damn sure that everyone is saddling up their star ship and blazing a trail to get there.

On one side you’ve got the exiles; a motley crew of refugees, outlaws, and mercenaries. One the other; the Dominion, a power interstellar empire that prides itself on kicking ass. Throw in a bunch of the weirdest, wildest, and most ruthless races this side of the event horizon and you’ve got an explosive cocktail just looking for someone to party with.

You ready for a fight? Face off against dangerous alien organisms, killer robots, and savage natives using skill, movement and some old fashioned backbone to smash your enemies to smithereens. Whether your arsenal is big guns and bullets or super charged magical spells, you’ll be cracking skulls and making corpses in no time.

Well, stakes not high enough for you? Then you and some of your most blood-thirsty friends should double down and buy a war plot. Then outfit it with enough fire power to blow a hole in the space time continuum. When your death fortress is complete go to war against your enemies and earn rewards so epic your head will explode like a supernova. Boom.

Taming a hostile alien world ‘aint gonna be easy. So choose a path and start taking care of business. As a soldier, scientist, settler or explorer you’ll be facing Nexus head on with custom content and rewards that make it your kind of adventure. So whether it’s starting a war, building a town, climbing a mountain, or studying bug-eyed, brain eating extraterrestrial critters, you’re whipping this planet into shape with your own personal style. You didn’t come halfway across the galaxy for a weekend visit. No.

So grab a plot, build a house, and kick back on your little piece of the galactic dream. Customize your house with a mind numbing array of choices. Transforming it into a unique reflection of your own enigmatic, schizophrenic, or sociopathic tastes. Snazzy.

And just when you think it’s all over and maybe it’s time to take a breather, guess again. Dive head first into an episodic world story to reveal the ultimate secrets of Nexus, doing your best to avoid getting demolished, dissected, or vaporized. Along the way you’ll see some of the most epic contents since the Big Bang itself. Squaring off against the most hair raising enemies that Nexus has to offer. Add to that an unbelievable line up of dungeons, raids, pvp battlegrounds and adventures and you’ve got a rich, deep, unforgettable experience that’s guaranteed to blow, your, mind.

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