The Nexus Telegraph: Why WildStar’s housing matters

Building a house means asking you to invest in the game over the longer term. It means that the developers are encouraging you to take the time to show off your accomplishments, display what you have to offer, and really make a point of putting down roots. You can argue that in some cases this investment is lessened for whatever reason — in WildStar, you don’t get the storefronts of Star Wars Galaxies, for example — but you’re still taking a piece of the virtual space and claiming it for your own.
We all do it, in small doses. Writing your name on something makes it yours. It’s another step of character creation, something that’s important even for people who don’t roleplay. Even if you aren’t interested in portraying your character, you don’t want the name “HUMAN_WARRIOR_80725” with no distinguishing features.
Housing gives you a space to write whatever you want on a section of the virtual world. You can argue that it has only a minor effect on the game world as a whole, but it’s still a part of the world that is distinctly yours. No one else gets to walk into your space if you don’t want guests. It’s a segment of investment you don’t get without housing, and for some people that investment matters a whole lot in the long term.
Maybe that completely doesn’t matter to you, and that’s all right. Not every part of a game is going to appeal equally to all players. I can totally understand people who look at housing and don’t see the benefit to it, but it’s important to understand that for the people who do enjoy it, there’s no real substitute.
I would not and will not argue that games without housing are somehow inferior to games that have it. The prospect of housing isn’t what originally attracted me to WildStar, and I would still have my eye on the game even if it got cut. But it does make me a lot more interested in the game because I like being able to carve out my own little segment and mark it as my own. Even if it’s not your cup of tea, it adds more depth to the game as a whole, and you should be glad that the game will be coming out a little more well-rounded in the long run.
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