The difference between wildstar wow and gw2

Some friends said the game wildstar is the combination wow and gw2 , i can’t sure whether it is right or not , but they did have some similar ways



wild star & wow

1.Wild star has a wow-style mountain, earth, trees and landscapes, as well as architectural. but detail much better than wow

2.wild star has eurpean and american style cartoon characters , but we have to say it did has wow style

3.similar to wow motorized mounts

4.both have two major opposing camps(Exile and Domion) of the eight races six career four       kinds of career mode8 races of two camps each of four races, this point and occupational       restrictions wow very similar, but the career mode is innovative

 wildstar & gw2

1.wildstar is similar to gw2 on some of the skills and some non-targeted attacks triggered dynamic task

2.wildstar has the same wonderful jumping puzzle-called jumping music as gw2. our gw2 players should be very familiar with this laser in game ,there is a instance so you need to jump over, but once the card or crippled hand, certain death.

3. warning system similar to Guild Wars 2’s spell

4.similar to gw2 on some of the skills without locking attack ( we can the vista in game it is not window vista, its a unique scenic spots for gw2 but for wildstar it changed into a need to find the correct location to place the transmitting station receives the signal)

If you think the wildstar is only usually seen in the game monotonous spacebar to jump, you are wrong, in the wildsatr you can double jump in the air and there is a reward, the higher the space can double jump, eat those things, ha ha very happy now! When playing back the original game is sure to make you jump in the double sense of eating gold.

5.wild star gold is mailed to gamers which is similar to gw2 gold

wildstar wow gw2 are all interesting games, which one is your favorite ?

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