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TOTY Offensive Player Prediction

In the upcoming of the 2014 FUT 15 TOTY, who will be selected for the final of the best team of the year 2014? Let’s predict the possible offensive player of the TOTY in this article.

How couldn’t there is no big star in TOTY? EA always based on the TOTY and TOTW to earn money from players. The super star likes Messi, C.Ronaldo will certainly be the best team of the year selected, there is no doubt about it.

LW: C. Ronaldo (Real Madrid / Portugal) C Ronaldo has achievement in this year, although the Portuguese did not go added in the Brazil World Cup , based on the four best record, in chief the Champions League. C. Ronaldo aswell can be called for this TOTY, as able-bodied as he is a able adversary for this year’s Golden Globes.

CF: Lionel Messi (Barcelona / Argentina), although Barcelona in this year’s almanac is not actual satisfactory, the achievement of Messi in the World Cup is amazing! He led Argentina access into the finals, although ultimately alone got the runner-up. Meanwhile, Messi has actual acceptable achievement in the UEFA Champions League, aswell bankrupt the almanac of goals.

The WoW Factor : The Power of FlightThe WoW Factor : The Power of Flight



In this Week’s WoW Factor, Reza Lackey explores the good and bad things that come along with Flying in Azeroth. Read on for a good history lesson, and a trip down memory lane.
One of the most compelling aspects of MMOs is the exploration and sense of discovery as you adventure through the world. With the recent announcement of no flying mounts in the new 5.2 zones, the debate of flying mounts and their use has reheated. While flying mounts offer tremendous convenience, I would argue that they also detract from the overall fun and experience of adventuring – perhaps giving a player too much power when exploring new content.
Read the rest of Reza’s The WoW Factor: The Power of Flight.
World of Warcraft : Why Blizzard Won’t Do Full Open-Tagging
In an interview over at GameSpy, Blizzard’s lead content designer Ion Hazzikostas explains why Blizzard hasn’t adopted the full open-tagging feature for World of Warcraft.
Open tagging, which has been popularized by high-profile MMOs such as RIFT and Guild Wars 2, refers to the ability to earn kill credit and experience simply for doing X% of damage to an enemy, regardless of whether or not you first tagged it. In World of Warcraft, the first player to tag an enemy gets full experience and credit, though Blizzard has made some exceptions recently for named quest targets and world bosses (tagged by your own faction).
“Part of the concern with open, free-for-all, open-tapping is that a lot of the game becomes more about tapping everything and tagging everything a little bit, especially when other players have already tapped them” he said. “Thirty seconds later, your quest completes because the other people killed them all. That’s not an ideal way to feel like you’re engaging in combat.”
Find out more about World of Warcraft.

Super Hero Squad Online : TV Show Actors Voicing GameSuper Hero Squad Online : TV Show Actors Voicing Game






Gazillion Entertainment has announced that the actors who lend their talents to the Marvel Super Hero Squad cartoon series will soon be bringing their voices to Marvel Super Hero Squad Online as well.


Tom Kenny (Iron Man, Captain America, MODOK)
Alimi Ballard (Falcon)
Antony Del Rio (Reptil)
Charlie Adler (Doctor. Doom)
Dave Boat (Thor, Thing)
Grey Delisle (Ms. Marvel, Enchantress)
Mikey Kelley (Silver Surfer)
Steve Blum (Wolverine, Abomination)
Tara Strong (Scarlet Witch)
Travis Willingham (Hulk)
Additional actors include Marvel voiceover veterans Chris Cox, Laura Bailey, and Phil Lamarr.



EverQuest II : Wayback Wednesday – All Chained UpEverQuest II : Wayback Wednesday – All Chained Up


In this week’s Wayback Wednesday, Rob is joined by EverQuest II Producer Holly Longdale and Designer Akil Hooper for a terrific tour of the latest expansion, Chains of Eternity. The discussion centers around the release of Chains and the lore introduced into the game. Check it out!

Without a doubt my favorite part of the tour was Wurmbone’s End and Wurmbone’s Crag. The level of detail in this area surpassed anything else I noticed in game. The background ratmen running the roofs of the gulch and jumping from point to point doing their best parkour added that special touch to keeps players going back to zones again and again. Also, how cool are giant ratmen that get stronger at night and survive by hunting and eating the marrow out of dragon bones? Everything from the bones acting as support structures for the caves to the twin snakemen holding a giant crystal (38:40) worked together to make this one of my favorite zones in EQ2.


Neverwinter : Blackdagger Ruins & Vellosk Exclusive ScreensNeverwinter : Blackdagger Ruins & Vellosk Exclusive Screens



MMORPG.com has joined with Perfect World Entertainment to bring readers eager to learn more about Cryptic’s Neverwinter a new look at the Blackdagger Ruins and its main boss, Traven Blackdagger, as well as the Vellosk zone and the werewolves that live there. We’ve got a ton of exclusive screens to share so head through the jump, then let us know what you think in the comments.
Check out Neverwinter: Blackdagger Ruins & Vellosk Exclusive Screens




Silkroad Online : Union Party System IncomingSilkroad Online : Union Party System Incoming


Joymax has announced that the third part of the multi-patch update to Silkroad Online will be deployed soon. With the “Undead’s Revenge” patch, players will see a major overhaul to the “Union Party System” with special buffs for groups that join together to form raid parties.
Players who enter into a union party will receive a special bonus EXP buff as high as 25% for a full union of four groups.  Only these massive groups will be able to take on the newest challenge: Death Bone!  Death Bone is the most challenging boss yet requiring a full Union Party at maximum level; the “Roc Time Attack!” may even feel easy in comparison.

The Devil’s Advocate : Don’t Wanna WinThe Devil’s Advocate : Don’t Wanna Win




There is a thought ghosting around the edges of the MMO community that somehow these massive games we play are supposed to be ‘winnable’. But is that reasonable? Find out in today’s Devil’s Advocate why we don’t think so. Join the conversation in the comments!
That realization is that when I play MMORPGs, I don’t want to win.


I know that, for many of you, that might not make any sense, so today’s Devil’s Advocate will discuss exactly what that means.



Read more at http://www.mmorpg.com/newsroom.cfm/page/1#mGBIhKR8kbVXCfdv.99

EVE Online : The EVE Online Re-ReviewEVE Online : The EVE Online Re-Review


Dominus : Live Developer Chat TODAY!Dominus : Live Developer Chat TODAY!




Fans of three faction PvP will want to be on hand for a live developer chat featuring the folks behind Prime Battle for Dominus.
The live chat will be hosted via Twitch.tv and begins at 12:00 p.m. PST. The chat will feature Pitchblack Studios founders and other members of the team discussing the new teaser trailer unleashed today. The team has other topics up their collective sleeve as well.


The lead designers Warren and John will entertain, educate, and embarrass themselves with prehistoric game trivia while we in the audience watch, chat, and have a good time. It’s a Pitchblack family tradition, and we’d love it if you’re a part of it.


Don’t know much about Prime Battle for Dominus? You should! Educate yourself by reading Suzie Ford’s preview and swing by the Prime Battle for Dominus website to learn more!


Chrono Tales : Grab a Closed Beta CodeChrono Tales : Grab a Closed Beta Code

The Chrono Tales team has let us know that interested players can now grab a closed beta code for the second round of testing by visiting the official ’email beta’ page. GMs will authorize a beta code for applicants in time for the second CBT.
(Ed note: Quote in the original form sent to us.)

With the good start of closed beta, Chrono Tales second closed beta is scheduled at 21:00 of Jan. 7th 2013 EST, in order to have full preparation for best game quality in final open beta. Maximum level is adjusted to level 60, two new systems will be added, free mounts will be given away, as well as a bunch of fabulous events will let gamers enjoy better gaming experience.