Stalker Class and Dominion Faction Being Added To Wildstar


It has been announced that the Stalker Class and Dominion Faction will be coming to WildStar.


The Dominion Faction are described as a “powerful interstellar empire that rule the galaxy using military strength, religious fervour and advanced weaponry and technology. Established by the Eldan more than a thousand years ago, the Dominion has now claimed Nexus as its own and will stop at nothing to ensure that the fabled planet is completely under their control.”

The faction comes with new races. The Cassian; a race gifted with ambition and intelligence, the Mechari; highly-efficient killers who expertise in killing traitors and spies and lastly the Draken; a race convinced to prove that they are the greatest warriors not just on Nexus but in the galaxy.

For players who want a combination of stealth and technology based abilities, the Stalker Class will be ideal, The announcement says…”the Stalker is a silent assassin; using advanced stealth capabilities to sneak up on enemies and eliminate them with deadly claws.”

There is a video showing off the brand new class.


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