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Players on the game show questions are most concerned about is whether the game will be added PVP content ? Carbine Creative Director Writer Chad Moore put up his thumb expressed will of course add PVP content, but the game will not let those PVP avid gamers disappointed in the future will bring a surprise for them.
Some players also asked whether the game will be added to all races exclusive armor and clothes ? Art director Matt Mocarski said , the game will add a custom design system , which includes male and female armor exterior design , Carbine want players to get the highest degree of freedom , and can according to their own wishes to portray the appearance .
In “WildStar” game booth also appeared to make Carbine unexpected booming phenomenon , visit the game ‘s players flocked tumbled almost the entire booth , no way for the staff and had come to visit the players limit line .
This exhibition last , Carbine in answering some of the questions we are most concerned about the players after officially announced the end of “WildStar” exhibition. These questions are as follows :
“WildStar” in each other talented professional will have the ability to train it? Yes, just like in the video presentation , the super power forward to add BUFF, energy output , but also treatment .
“WildStar” The final forming effect like? Is biased in favor of core gamers , or casual gamers ? Our plan is to make a game suitable for all players . If you do not like group activities , then we have the classic fun game waiting for you to complete the task . Between each level, we are prepared to do a lot of things for the players , the players will not feel bored .
Game characters have several players born in the area ? Can I play with my friends do ? Several specific area we do not disclose birth , we can tell you is not just one, but we do not want players who need to cross an area far to the confluence with his friends .

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