POE 3.3 Builds For Lastest and Detailed Marauder Berserker Totems

Totems really are a sort of creature. Totems seem while in the game as monsters, and also as allies designed by selected expertise. Like any other creature, totems have lifestyle, plus they are going to be destroyed if their lifestyle drops to zero. Totems never depart exploitable corpses. Totems cast by gamers use their capabilities in accordance for the player’s stats, like modifiers from expenses and buffs (like auras) affecting the player.

[POE 3.3 Create uses the Facebreaker Gloves which means play Unarmed – you get all the info you need here: How to smash Heads. Extremely detailed guide about the Facebreaker gloves and builds!

over 6k Lifestyle
~1000 life/s with the enduring cry and all expenses (over 15% life reg)
73% Phy’s reduction (hideout) 90% with flasks
hard to die because you stay behind your Totems
can do all map mods (reflect is a bit meh because your totems will kill themselves on hit)
at lvl 16+ (Facebreakers) all content Ezpz
perfect for hard bosses like Ulab/Uatziri/guardians/Shaper
Stun immune with over 25 Rage stacks

clear speed is average
Totem playstyle is not for everyone
10% daily life degen (but with ~15% lifestyle reg we still have 5% and don’t degen)

Help Oak – He gives us all we need: Phys dmg/reduction and lifestyle reg

The best Major Pantheon for us is the Brine King Wich provides free (almost) Stun Immunity:
The best Minor Pantheon for us is the Gruthkul Wich provides us up to 5% additional physical dmg reduction
+5% chance to Evade Attacks if you’ve taken a Savage Hit recently
1% additional Physical Damage Reduction for each Hit you’ve taken Recently up to a maximum of 5%

Leveling Guide:
At lvl 1 take Ground Slam/Cleave/Molten Strike and the Ruthless gem.
At lvl 8 take Maim and take Additional Accuracy until u get the “Resolute Technique” Note
At lvl 10 take Shield Charge for Movement (Wich is also nice for lvling if you have some Facebreaker)
At lvl 12 Take Sunder instead of you lvl 1 gem until you have the Warchief Totem (note: you cant use sunder with Facebreaker)
At lvl 16 take the Facebreaker. If you don’t have some, pick a Rare/Unique 2Hand weapon with high physical Dmg (With Facebreaker I prefer lvling with Infernal Blow + Melee Splash/Ancestral Call and Shield Charge).
At lvl 18 take Faster Attacks, Melee Physical Damage, Melee Damage on Full Life and Concentrated Effect
At lvl 28 take Ancestral Warchief
At lvl 38 take increased Area of Effect

Pob Link:https://pastebin.com/YECev5gA
Skill Tree:https://tinyurl.com/yc9jwvft
Example Link:http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1694250

[POE 3.3 Ancestral Warchief Build]The Starlord – New Era of Trololol Warchief Totems – All Mods All Maps – Stupidly OP

All Maps and Mods are Easypeasy
~ 6k Life
8,7k armor -> 46% Phys reduction
75% Chaos Res
over 800 Life/s
Physical can Shock
Immune to Bleed
Double Curse

Still Totem Playstyle
No Movement Gem

Bandits: help oak

We take the “Soul of Arakaali” and trigger the 50% increased recovery of existence with our CWDT setup
We take the “Soul of Abberath” for the Burning ground immunity and reduced ignite duration to counter the Death Door downside

Pob Link:https://pastebin.com/V40CVFw3
Skill Tree:https://tinyurl.com/ybjquwvu
Example Link:http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1729700

Ordinarily, they may be not worth the difficulty for motives which are enough from the extended run. Whilst they are helpful for gamers who might know nothing at all concerning the game. For probably the most element, they’re mastering tools for newcomers to ease them in for the game. For a lot more Path of exile 3.3 Builds, you can take a look at U4gm.com. Just a reminder: you will get 5% coupon code for free within the reps when you Invest in Poe Currency order from this article.

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