NCsoft looking ahead to Lineage Eternal beta, WildStar launch

NCsoft looking ahead to Lineage Eternal beta, WildStar launchA couple of additional tidbits came out of this week’s NCsoft earnings call that are relevant to fans of Lineage and WildStar. The studio said that it is preparing to roll out the beta schedule of Lineage Eternal, the third title in the series, by the end of this year. Lineage Eternal was announced in 2011, but we’ve heard precious little about the game since.

The publisher also said that it’s taking a close look at the performance of WildStar’s closed beta testing and will use testing results to shape its plans for the launch. Previously, Carbine Studios said that it’s aiming for a 2013 launch window for the title if all went well in the beta.



I don’t see L:E being much of a “traditional MMO”. From what I have seen and read, thus far, it’s more akin to an action RPG (Diablo-esque play style). Anyone confirm this or, has there not been enough info released yet for anyone to know for certain? Not that I’m lazy but, this semester is kickin my ass…I haven’t had time to change my socks yet for weeks, let alone research games .Any info would be appreciated, folks. (old-school L1 and L2 fan here.

Unless lineage eternal is

– open world with no instanced bosses, and epic bosses that you HAVE to fight over

– PvP oriented like L2

– has same good enchant systems (goes poof after 3+ if fail)

– castle sieges and epic bosses that will gather at least 100+ players per event

Then i`m not even intrested, and its not worth Lineage name.

If they make a crappy themepark with less than 10 man “boss” fights, a softcore pvp and instances then go to hell NC Soft. And this is QUITE possible looking at what they did with L2 after its prime time (OB-C4/5)….

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