Massively surveys WildStar’s Scientist and Settler paths, the Esper class, and the crazy things Jeremy Gaffney says

WildStar -- hells yeah

So who wants to hear some cool stuff about WildStar? Thought so!

Massively’s Gavin Townsley recently attended a WildStar media event in San Francisco, at which he was treated to a hands-on look at the upcoming sci-fantasy MMORPG’s Scientist path and Esper class. He also chatted with Carbine Studios executive producer Jeremy Gaffney, who pulls a Gaffney (I’m coining that) and can’t resist leaking a bit of new info about tradeskills while filling Gavin in on how endgame will work, why we should play the Settler path, and whether talent trees are passé. If you think making 10 pairs of cotton space pants sounds boring, then yeah — you’re going to like what he’s got to say.




Same with me. I couldn’t take the art style seriously by any means. They seem to be targeting a much younger audience as WoW currently seems to be doing with MoP. It also reminds me of Wizard 101 (although I haven’t played that game). Which is fine for some, but it makes me want to ignore this game all together. Granted a game shouldn’t be judged on appearances alone usually, but I believe an exception is in order for this game as it goes too far in the cartoony art style direction and the way people act. It’s just silly to me, but I totally understand if other people disagree with me.


Game looks and sounds great, and I hope to get in beta to see first hand prior to buying. I haven’t been this excited for a new release since SWTOR and that didn’t go so well for me. One thing I’m concerned about is the sub model they go with. I personally dislike f2p game models and would rather pay a monthly fee to have everything.  I respect that there are ppl that do enjoy cash shops etc,  so im not flaming on anyone here, just stating my opinion. I’ll have to pass on this one if it launches as f2p cash shop. I’m sure those houses with all the neat bonuses cost lots of money to maintain, and I can see them making you dig deep into those pockets more often then if you paid a monthly fee.

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