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As usual in the past years, the hot net game wildstar will be published its updated edition. In the meantime, wildstar beta will be tested by a great number of players who are lucky enough. Under this condition, varieties of statements appeared from players.

wildstar beta


There is one of the members said, I’m in the same boat. On the one hand; I do want to get into the beta. On the other hand, if I don’t get an invite it’s not the end of the world; I have enough RL stuff to keep me plenty busy until the game actually comes out. And I’d prefer that a successful beta was tested in a sane and secure manner than me being tossed into a poorly-handled Beta. And if there’s one thing Carbine has proven so far, it’s that they don’t do things poorly.

However, there are also negative side exist, while a member of the discussion named Thirteenra expressed himself through the way that I can most definitely understand the reasoning behind the delayed invitation, I can’t help feeling depressed over not being able to grab the winter beta rewards, the ones that were leaked on another subreddit. The fact that Carbine stated that they will not be going through stress test people list until December means that my chances of getting in and getting even some of those amazing-sounding rewards is close to zilc.

In the meantime, someone was in favored of the above-mentioned. He thought,  I know that feel. I don’t mind waiting. But now we lose out on bonus items. That’s not cool. I’m the kind of person that loves getting rare things and just because I have poor luck in getting into the beta I lose out on something I really want but have no power to get.  Which I won’t, but this made me think twice about it. This is the first choice carbine has made that I seriously question. I really hope they implement another way to get this stuff other than just being lucky.

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