It has never disappointed you as the new character appears

It is surely amazing that the new character appears as the fans of wildstar who are eagerly look forward to the updated news.

Wildstar stalker


As you know, the wildstar stalker is the last reveals in our classes we’re dropping this class as a bit of a surprise. The Stalker is a master of assassination by evisceration. With their claws, high tech gadgets and nano-skin, they’re deadlier than the average sneak thief.

You can expect us to post more details soon, although our Livestream for the Stalker has been pushed back a little bit due to the holidays, but! Make sure you’re following us and on social media for updates!

As one of the major constituent parts of WildStar, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving this week, we’ve had to mix things up a little. Did you get goosebumps on your nano-skin? Because if you did, it means the nanites are malfunctioning. Anyway, here’s the plan for Stalker.

We have to inform you that probably make you crazy that you’ll be getting the reddit ama for the Stalker today. So make sure you check out the WildStar subreddit today. The Stalker class devs will be on hand to answer all your questions about the wonderful matter that appears under the eagerly desire that is the Stalker.

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