Is It Feasible To Add Harbingers To The Core PoE

In Path of Exile, after Harbingers were tweaked in their corresponding league I actually really enjoyed the mechanics and currency rewards.

Currently Harbinger is gated behind Zana 8, in my opinion, unnecessarily. The unique items from Beachhead are by no means sought after. Having a flat chance of them appearing in maps would enrich mapping experience, provide small buff to currency income and open up endgame option for casual players.

Path of Exile

Having had Breach locked behind the Zana 8 wall was understandable, as it provided massive increase to the income and experience gain. Why would GGG do it to Harbinger? Even then, there was a chance of Breach appearing in the map regardless of the Zana mod/sextant mod (they would just force them to spawn).

So I hope that Harbingers should be added to the core game with the same chance of appearing as Abyss/Breach.

One player said that the only thing he want from Harbinger that isn’t in the core game are Horizon Orbs. Horizon Orbs don’t trivialize progression but they allow people to accomplish more on their own without having to buy maps from the market. Which is just great QOL.

And one said that he think this is why it’s a zana 8 mod. Non casual players (2 billion hours per league) complained their returns from selling maps were needed and end game was too accessible to casuals because of dirt cheap map prices due to harbinger orbs and horizon orbs made it too easy to fill out atlas too.

Some players said that encounter bloat is their favorite part of Path of Exile (one of the reasons Bestiary is a bit meh for them). They love how rich and full and crazy maps can be. Beyond and bloodline map, with a breach, abyss, run with harbinger zana, with a few exiles to top it off, on a shaper map. That is Tier 1 fun. What about you? What’s your opinions?

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