Introducing WildStar Guide!

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Introducing our very first WildStar Guide for space travelers!

We’re a bunch of WildStar game nerds looking for a way to help the community out there by providing updates, news, screenshots and some beta information!

What do you want to know about us? Well, since the game’s announcement way back when, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the game until recently. The staff at Carbine Studios has graciously provided us with some insight on what the game is about along with game mechanics. By reading through it, we figured WildStar is a game that simply cannot be ignored. Hence, we made up this website! It’s still a work in progress website but we’ll update it as much as we can once we learn more about the game and maybe, it’s secret release date!

We hope that you’ll enjoy the website as much as we like to update (and tinker with it). Come back again for more news updates and WildStar goodness!

See the menu above? Use it to navigate around the website to learn more about the games’ Path, races and classes!

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