Interview WildStar, Behind the Scenes

Here at Polycount, we’re always on the lookout for awesomesauce to share with you.

And man oh man do we have some sweet exclusive screens and hot juicy giblets to share

with y’all today.

The team at Carbine Studios is hard at work on their gorgeous new painterly MMO

WildStar. I got to dig in deep with their Creative Director Matt Mocarski, to find

out just how they managed to breathe so much awesome into this game…

Polycount: What was the genesis of Carbine Studios? What did the team work on before?

And how big is the art team now?

Matt Mocarski: Carbine was founded by a group of around 20 people who worked on the

original World of Warcraft Team. It was mostly Seniors and Leads. After shipping WoW,

a bunch of us were asking “what’s next?” Creatively, we were looking for something


The Art Team is around 60 people now. It sounds like a lot but that covers the 12

sub-teams responsible for every aspect of development and marketing: Animation,

Effects, Character, Prop, World, Environment, Cinematics, Concept, Illustration,

Structure, UI, and Tech Art. Yeah, it’s a big game!

How was the WildStar art style developed, what sources were the most influential?

We explored roughly 2-3 styles before we hit one that clicked. For a time the game

was much more realistic. During these phases, the team kept getting excited by the

assets that had more style and personality. That’s really what led us to make our

choice about the visual style. It’s important that the team is excited and

passionate about what they are working on. So we focused on that.

Artistically we were influenced heavily by animation and comics. We didn’t blatantly

try to match a style from something specific. Instead it was an amalgamation of

influences that were then translated by our Concept Lead, Cory Loftis. Cory had a

huge part in helping define our core style. You can definitely see the influence when

you look at his work. He’s at Disney now, but his work still influences what we do.

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