How to Buy Cheap WS gold with Coupon Codes

Wild Star is a very good game which will be lanuched in year2014, it was developed by NCsoft which is said very similar to another famous game called World of Warcraft. As well as the big demand of wow gold, Wild Star gold will definitely be also very popular during Wild Star players. Today, we will let you know something about how to get the very cheap WS gold on the internet.

I talked to a new customer who is called John. He found our skype on the forum and then he added us. He told me he wanted to buy some WS gold by paypal. Then I recommended him to our website. After he browsed our site, he said our site is very good designed. And he decided to by 100 WS gold. When he was going to pay, I gave him a coupon code, which was a 5% OFF code, it save him several dollars finally, and he was very happy.

Soon we got his order and payment. Our operator called him to confirm his order and other information through the phone. After everything was confirmed correctly, we asked him to login game, we met in game and delivered the 100 WS gold to him face to face successfully. He said he will recommend all his friends to buy from us. And we promised that we will give him bigger discounts if he buys next time.

Not only we have WS gold for sale, we also offer Wild Star power leveling service. Our power leveling service is 100% manual and we never use any illegal method like botting to level your charater up. Our powerleveling team work 24/7 in order to ensure the fast leveling speed. So if you are interested in WS power leveling service, you can also buy from us, we have many different kinds of leveling packages, you can choose your proper one to buy.

We have a group of professional customer service operators too. They work 24/7 in turn. So whenever you have any question, you can reach us at anytime. Just click the livechat button on our site, you will be able to talk to our operator. We look forward to your inquiries!

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