How do players think of the WildStar Online

The NCsoft has not given an exact time of when wildstar online be launched. With the

coming out of many wildstar gold websites, this game has become one of the most

popular MMORPG in 2013.
We can check 2 wildstar fans what they said about this game.

One of the fans said like this: if you look even to this day at Warcraft 3 gameplay,

you’ll notice that even though the polygon count is lacking, the animation of

swinging swords, moving units, casting animations is so fluid and realistic. If you

look at Alpha footage of WoW you’ll see they even had slightly flowing hair for

female models and additional polygons/animations.

If you have WoW installed there’s a place in the Howling Fjord where there’s a tavern

with pirates and the “wench” there is such an example of Alpha model they reused

because it looks better than current in-game models, except for the textures which

are a bit less crisp. They look like Arthas’ human model in Wrath of the Lich King in

terms of quality.

Another fan said like this: Probably the same reason Starcraft 1 lost some quality

after they scrapped the original engine and created a whole new one: system

requirements would have been too high for the time.

Starcraft 1 originally was supposed to have Wraiths that did zig zags when they flew

around and left trails behind them and all other kind of neat graphics stuff. Some of

it was because Starcraft 1’s development was hell for everyone, but I’m sure it’s

also cause of sys. reqs. At the time, like WoW.
No matter what do they say, this game is still an amazing one from the videos and

screenshots people have disclosed. And the wildstar powerleveling service will also

be very popular after the game is launched, we will see then.

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