Get a heaping helping of lore in this week’s WildStar

Get a heaping helping of lore in this week's WildStar Wednesday

This week’s WildStar Wednesday is a bit of a history lesson — a tale of refugees, daring rescues, and fragile hopes. As the exiled races came together to hide from the Dominion’s watchful eye, they found themselves increasingly short on food, water, and functioning ships.

As every good sci-fi/fantasy fan knows, it’s in the darkest moment that a glimmer of light appears (after which it is no longer the darkest moment). Just as the members of the Exile Fleet began to lose all hope, Dorian Walker brought glad tidings of a planet where they could settle and start anew: Nexus. The announcement would mean nothing if the races couldn’t all band together. You’ll have to read the official post to see whether they could put the past behind them for the greater good.


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