Five Reasons to Love WildStar

With WildStar reaching its closed beta state, it comes with increased anticipation, also attracting many who have never heard of it yet. So for those less informed, we present ‘Five Reasons to Love WildStar’.

#5 – Carbine really listens to the community.

I know it’s a bold statement, but I’ve seen it in person. They politely invited a bunch of fans to their lovely studio, showed us a ton of stuff we still can’t talk about, let us play the game, and then take some really honest feedback from fans.

They also have this awesome twitter discussion about every other week, usually asking tough, philosophical questions about the core concepts of what makes an MMO great. Want to participate? Follow @Team_WildStar, they’ll ask a question using the hashtag #WSuplink and you respond with the same hashtag. Keep an eye on the community team (CRB_Atreid, CRB_Aether, and CRB_Scooter) to interact with them throughout the discussions.

#4 – Warplots add a wrinkle to PvP

While we don’t know much about Warplots, we do know that it’s an elder-game large-scale siege-warfare type of PvP battleground. It pits two teams against each other (20 vs 20 or 40 vs 40), fighting warplot against warplot, with the players manning cannons and other siege equipment to duke it out with each other.

Hopefully Carbine will release more info on Warplots soon. End-game PvP is usually restricted to arena matches and battlegrounds, so adding in another option is just icing on the cake. I have a feeling that even strict PvE players might find something to like in Warplots.
#3 – A unique blend of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Humor

What WildStar has in spades is personality, and that personality oozes charm. The ‘Meet the…’ personality videos are possibly some of the best preview videos I’ve ever seen for a video game. They look more like promo spots for some sort of Pixar movie.

Combine that with a unique art style that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and you have something special. The art style may be simple, or cartoony for some, but what it really does is give Carbine a great amount of freedom instead of just making things look realistic.

Finally, the sci-fi-meets-western theme hasn’t been played out for decades like the traditional medieval fantasy setting has. Sure there are swords, but it’s so much more than that. Space ships flying in and out of zones, technology like shields (not the wooden or metal kind, like force-field shields), and high-tech gadgets like a cell-phone that you can get and turn in quests with. It’s a welcome change to the traditional medieval fantasy setting for sure!

#2 – Housing Done Right!

Now the title might be a little misleading, as Housing hasn’t been played by anyone yet, but from all the showcases and the info that’s been released through the developer blog, the housing system sounds amazing.

Lets go over the facets that make WildStar housing awesome. First off, it’s your own house, that you can decorate with a huge assortment of furniture. That feeds the basic needs of housing for the “Sims” lovers out there. Then they added these great additions called ‘plugs’ that fit into your floating island’s ‘sockets’ that add another layer to your housing plot. These include a personal mine to gather ore for crafting, as well as gardens to grow plants in the same fashion. Also, you can show it all off by toggling whether or not you want your housing plot to be publicly found, friends only, or invite only. Did I mention that you can also access your storage there too? And show off slain bosses with stuffed heads of said bosses?

#1 – Innovative Combat Mechanics

This is perhaps the most overlooked reason to like WildStar. When most people think of MMO combat, they think of tired mechanics where invisible dice rolls determine a hit and a miss. But while WildStar may still have hits and misses, you can literally dodge an attack by just moving and using the nice dodge roll ability you have.

And dodging is just the tip of the iceberg. The telegraph system, while not terribly new, is used for just about everything and it really drives the combat system. This makes combat even more skill based, and it helps that your attacks are telegraphed, letting you know exactly where that ability will hit. And while you do have a limited amount of ability slots, it never feels like your unused abilities go to waste. In-fact, changing it up quite often is key in most situations. You don’t have one strict set of skills that will mow through all enemies, like if your fighting casters, make sure to have your interrupt skills out and so forth. It encourages you to try different combos and of course, every time you learn a new ability you’re going to want to try it out.

This type of combat system hasn’t really been done before, making it feel unique and innovative. I’ll put it another way, my short time with it at Arkship back in February, really left me wanting to play more, like 100 hours more, and isn’t that what gameplay is all about?

Well, I hope you enjoyed the list! Would you change anything? Sound off in the comment section below. Also, check back often as we plan on having more exclusive content as our coverage of WildStar ramps up.

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