Feasible Guides Of Buying PoE Stash Tabs

Are you a new collectors of path of exile items? Stash Tabs are on sale atm, maybe you are considering buying some. Are you also thinking about: Fragment Tab? Map Tab or Divination Tab? Which are worth buying, which are not? Maybe the following guide can help you.

Path of Exile

What is nice to have:

1) Quad tabs – at his point for you, I would buy just one. You use it to dump everything that seems worth it there to be priced and sorted whenever you feel like it.

2) Map tab – I collect a TON of maps. You can also make quite a lot of currency by selling them. The map tab can contain more maps than you are likely to ever get, so it saves you 2 regular tabs and is much more convenient to use. I strongly advise buying one BUT!!! Right now, you don’t need one. You are just starting, you will probably take a long time to reach a time where you will need more than one tab to store your maps.

3) Moar premium tabs – the more tabs you have, the more you can sell, so you can be more efficient. Again, do not buy them now. It is better to learn what you should put in your stash and what you should leave on the ground – it is a very important skill in this game. If you have a ton of space, you have less incentive to learn it, and it is likely when you do fill up your entire stash, you will feel overwhelmed by the prospect of sorting it out.

What is not worthwhile:

1) Divination tab – just use a regular tab and dump all of them there. Optionally, the cards your loot filter marks as very valuable should be stored on the right side of the tab (you manually put them there) and everything else you ctrl+click in the tab. When a set fills up, it becomes blue and is easy to see and turn in whenever you feel like it.

2) Essence tab – you are unlikely to ever have enough essences for the tab to be useful to you. IMO that goes for literally everyone who is not a currency flipper.

3) Fragment tab – I am kind of sad this even exists. There is no need for it, it really doesn’t save you much time or space.

There’s a lot more players guide on U4GM, so be sure to check out if you need some guides. Keeping an eye on buy poe currency, you will get more gains.

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