Dominion Stalker Class Detailed and Trailers in WildStar Online

After wildstar gold sale sites have come out one by one, wildstar has become one of

the most expecting games in 2013. Along with a pair of fresh videos, NCSOFT and

Carbine Studios today unveiled some details about the second faction from WildStar, a

sci-fi MMO due to be launched for PC later this year.

WildStar takes place on the planet Nexus, a mysterious world vacated by the ancient

Elden but left rich with treasures and technologies to discover and acquire.

Infused with powerful nanotechnology, the Stalker is a silent assassin; using

advanced stealth capabilities to sneak up on enemies and eliminate them with deadly

claws. Stalkers are also masters of tactical combat, strategically controlling the

battlefield with proximity mines and leaving piles of corpses in their wake. For

stalkers, surprise is the ultimate weapon.

The Dominion is a powerful interstellar empire that rules the galaxy using military

strength, religious fervour and advanced weaponry and technology. Established by the

Eldan more than a thousand years ago, the Dominion has now claimed Nexus as its own

and will stop at nothing to ensure that the fabled planet is completely under their

control. Also, the Stalker class uses a combination of stealth and technological

abilities to overcome his enemies.

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