Deaf players to connect , educate through Wizard101

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Although she could not hear any in-game music or sound effects, Kelsey Heart of Fire claimed Wizard101 an intense love . KingsIsle a guest post on the blog , Kelsey is a deaf share a little bit of what it was like the players , why this MMO meant so much to her.

Shortly after the start of her adventures in the game , Kelsey had a profound encounter: “I remember asking the Pyramid of the Sun Krokotopia and I bumped into a fellow wizard named Diana wild heart , she mentioned that she was deaf , I was surprised to praise I replied that I was and deaf ! At this time , I realized that I can meet deaf fellow players through the game , such as Wizard101 “.

Kyle said that this friendship made ​​her realize that more than just fun online games that can be used to educate others is what is deaf. “This game is a good educational tool , I can use it to teach many people , it gave me a way to communicate without barriers , in fact, it gave me a greater purpose in the game ,” she wrote . Kyle said , the game’s visuals are very important, she said she hopes the game will be available in sign language expressions . Spots look, we are here to provide cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil

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