Customizing your own house in WildStar


wildstar housing

Housing is a feature available early in the game, you may purchase one from a Proto-star specialist. They will immediately send you to your sky plot after purchase. You start off with simple designs and can build them up into more desirable designs with different features, the inner outer, walls, roofs, doors, windows, wallpapers and furniture can all be changed or added onto your home. Items in your home such as furniture are not restricted by physics, you can make chairs, tables, flower pots, shelves any everything else float.You can scale items inside the house to be five times bigger or smaller, and have up to 200 items in your house.

Acquiring Housing Items
Around the map housing items have a chance to drop from mobs which you kill in the open world, from crafting and from quest rewards.

Rested XP
When you log off in your home you are granted rest XP based on the amount and rarity of the items inside your home. So the better things you have and the more things you have makes more rested XP.

Sockets & Plugs
Around your home is an area of land which you are able to build facilities on, these are called sockets the things you build on top of them are called plugs. You can build Mine sites and farms which you can harvest resources from. Additionally you are able to create craft stations on your land. Your plugs will give you daily quests which you can complete for rewards.

Houses can have expeditions; a type of dungeon that you enter on your own or with your friends, which will scale accordingly.

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