CJ McCollum And Devin Booker: NBA 2K17 New Locker Codes

Recently, new NBA 2K17 locker codes have gradually been coming out, including two more have been released. First of all, FAMNT-B2J5E-5WP5W-6YK2K, the new code was launched by guard C.J. McCollum, followed by, MyTeam Moments card unveiled. In addition, another young shooting guard, Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns, also tweeted a Locker Code. Plently of players decide to purchase NBA 2K17 MT on U4NBA.COM.


Notably, 2K Sports digital marketing director Ronnie Singh, also known as “@Ronnie2K” over on Twitter, also seems to have sent another Locker Code to Dallas Mavericks forward Harrison Barnes.

To this point, however, Barnes has yet to tweet the Locker Code out to his followers. Interestingly, it seems like there’s now a pattern related to how Locker Codes are dispatched this year.The Locker Codes for McCollum, Booker and Barnes were made for them after they put together memorable performances during their recent outings.

It seems that moving forward, gamers on the hunt for more Locker Codes should also keep tabs on the basketball players who have big nights in the National Basketball Association, as the new codes may be made for them. It also looks as though many of the Locker Codes coming this year may be released by the players themselves after they get them from “@Ronnie2K.”

Gamers just need to go to the game’s main menu as well as then find out the “Option/Features” tab. If inside”Options/Features”, they can navigate over to “Locker Codes”, followed by, enter the code they have. In the near future,regarding other future locker codes that may be released for NBA 2K17 should be made available. In that end, don’t miss good chance to acquire cheap NBA 2K17 MT.

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