Career System Introduction of Wildstar



In “Wildstar “, the four game career to players with a lot of space . For example , players team up space marauders came to a hideout , could lead to the inside of the enemy soldiers , scientists can try to scan and control technology inside , the settlers can build forts in external support , and explorers will be able to find hidden trail or to attack the ground. All career will have its uses , but also requires a lot of hidden gameplay with exploration.
The entire professional amplification and extension of the system is the choice of routes and play , no matter what race you choose what kind of job before , you can choose from four routes in the one that suits you , they are soldiers, settlers , scientists and explorers, each line represents a different play and the game .
Soldiers – blood and glory
Soldier is a very conventional life , the courage to get rid of any blocking your stuff and get coins and props from them . Not only can they be equipped with additional attack power by batteries , but also making the fight to bring some automatic weapons , helping the team to withstand more enemies in a large battle.
Explorers – stimulation and gold
Explorers specifically designed for players who prefer to travel in the game world . They have a unique device to help other players to hard to reach areas . While using these devices to find additional treasure or gold.
Scientists – sanity and madness
Scientists can let you solve the problem by studying the history and culture behind things and operation mechanism , it is suitable for a variety of achievements and plot control the player control . For example, you can give yourself to get BUFF and fellow instrument scans a plant by scanning , scan to get a group of abandoned as a pet robot , or scan enemies find their weaknesses. For scientists, knowledge is power , knowledge is everything.
Settlers – Social and asylum
Settlers for those players more interested in interactive gameplay . They can build zero resistance fighting force , medical center , or to open a bank for others to use . Furthermore settlers and NPC are there will be more interactive , get extra rewards and discounts through the establishment of prestige

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