Carbine Reveals WildStar’s Final Races: Meet The Chua and Mordesh

Small and tall, WildStar’s new races are a delight for all.wildstar chuah and mordesh

Carbine, the developer behind the upcoming fantasy MMO WildStar, has revealed the final two races in the game. Feast your eyes on the adorable but grotesque Chua and the creepy zombie-like Mordesh.

“The lore behind the Chua and Mordesh offers players greater insight into how these two races are also part of the ongoing power struggle between the Dominion and the Exiles, and their intentions for the legendary planet Nexus, the setting for WildStar, and the secrets left there by the ancient Eldan civilization,” said Carbine.

The Dominion and Exile are WildStar’s two factions fighting for resources and power on the planet Nexus, where the game takes place. The Chua are the Dominion’s new addition, while the Exile get the Mordesh.

Chua, according to Carbine, have an uncanny grasp of science and mechanical engineering. They joined the Dominion simply out of a need for resources after transforming their lush forest homes into factories after being introduced to technology for the first time.

The Mordesh on the other hand joined the Exile after they helped them through a brutal quarantine. Out of all the Exile races, the Mordesh seem the most evil, using dark arts to find resources on Nexus that they can use against the Dominion.

WildStar is currently in Closed Beta and is scheduled for a release this year. For more information about the two new races, head to the official WildStar site. To see the Chuah and Mordesh in action, check out the screenshots and video below.

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