A new update for WildStar

Time for some new WildStar info thanks to Carbine Studios releasing a new video, simply titled ‘What is WildStar?’ The trailer did its best to cover what info has been released so far, but a couple of new things have been mentioned.

What’s New

Let’s go visual

We got a better look at the environments and I gotta say, they are looking varied and exciting. From vast steppes, to icy tundras, to some kind of crazy mechanical base with a GIANT robot that seems to attack anything that comes too close.

Afterwards, they showed off the races again for each faction, carefully omitting one race from each faction like in the faction reveals. The character paths were explained in more detail. From the Settler path, which involves building up towns in zones, to the Scientist, doing what looked like some kind of in game research on various creatures.

What I’m about to pee myself over

More than anything? Warplots. Shown in the video, this looks to be an extension of player housing. Perhaps some kind of Guild Housing, or player created PVP zones. From everything I saw, it looks like you can build walls, ramparts, traps and turrets, and by golly it looks fantastic. The idea of actually getting a group of friends and players together to create a bastion for your faction wherever you can fight and defend on the field of battle sounds like a kick-ass idea, and I can’t wait to see how it is implemented.

The player housing system is another thing that has piqued my interest. The mechanics of player’s homes were touched on a little bit more in the video. As mentioned the last player housing video, players will be able to collect (possibly even craft?) items for their home: from war trophies, to furniture and containers, or even a large “defensive” turret.
When does it come out? WHEN?!

There has been no official announcement as of yet, all Carbine has been saying so far is “2013”. Hopefully we’ll be able to beta this thing soon, and you can bet your biscuits I’ll be on it with a quickness. I’m hyped as ever, and I’m also really glad Carbine is releasing plenty of new info on WildStar. Here’s hoping for more info to bring soon!

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