A closer look at WildStar’s Mechari

Playable robots!  They knew my one weakness.  And my several other weaknesses.

The Mechari want information. They want to protect the Dominion. They want to ensure that the center of the empire remains whole and unmolested. In WildStar, they serve as the omnipresent arm of the Dominion, the inscrutable Eldan-built enforcers of the government’s will. And since they’re cool-looking robots, they’re naturally the sort of race that pretty much everyone will have plenty of questions about beyond what was revealed in the recent post giving players a chance to meet them.

We had a chance to speak with lead narrative designer Chad Moore regarding all three of the Dominion races announced thus far, and the Mechari are the last on deck. This does not mean that they’re the least interesting, as you probably guessed. So if you’re interested in playing the role of a robot living in an organic world, it would behoove you to find out a few more tidbits about them.

And the bright side is that you don’t have to ask the Mechari any questions. They like to be the ones asking the questions, after all.

You’re probably wondering about the Mechari in biological terms. Obviously there are physical differences between a male and female Mechari, but do they see themselves as male or female? You wouldn’t think lines of code would really have gender. In the Mechari’s case, however, they do see themselves as gendered beings. Also, there’s the simple fact that organic beings respond better to creatures they see as gendered, so the Mechari were made to appear gendered. Anything that the Mechari can use to manipulate or observe will be used.

It's sort of unclear if it's sexist when the whole thing is just a different chassis.Does that mean that the Mechari reproduce like organic beings? We’ll have to find out later, as that’s still under wraps at the moment. The promise is that it’s an interesting answer, which probably means that the Dominion buys baby Mechari in very large blister packs at ProtoStar retail outlets everywhere.

So even though they’re robots, the Mechari do stick to biological rules. Do they get to have more efficient robotic communication? Afraid not; the Mechari are part of an intelligence network, but they are not networked AIs in any sense of the word. When two Mechari wish to communicate, they must do so using the same methods as any other being. Not that this means no one will suspect they’ve got a secret communication system, just that they don’t actually have one.

Of course, we know that the Mechari love to observe and manipulate, but that raises an interesting question — where is the real power in the Dominion? Are the Cassians the puppets on the throne while the Mechari subtly manipulate them?

That question requires a bit more complex an answer. The Mechari adhere to the mission they were given by the Eldan in the first place, which involves safeguarding and shepherding the Dominion. They weren’t told to take control, merely to preserve, and so they have done precisely that and will continue to do so. As long as they need to ensure the success of the empire, they will do so.

As a result, the Mechari don’t see a particular difference between being servants and being in power. Whatever must be done to preserve the Dominion will be done, and they as a whole will have no second thoughts on the matter. They serve their role first and foremost, and they serve the Dominion rather than whoever may be giving orders at any given moment.

While you no doubt have more questions, some of them will have to wait until WildStar finally releases to excited prospective players. We’d like to thank Chad Moore for taking the time to share this information with us, and we hope that you’ve enjoyed these closer looks at the game’s races.

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